Industrial Parts Washing – Best Way to Clean

Today, I have got my work cut out for me as you can imagine engine parts are some of the dirtiest parts on a dirt bike, so I am gonna show u how I go about cleaning up the cr250 engine parts behind me.

how to wash engine parts

I am gonna get scrubbing. Take a good look at this stuff cases are pretty dirty everything has got oil on it. Some corrosion some rust but with the help of parts washer, this stuff will be looking fresh pretty shortly.

Here, a lot of u guys have seen my other headed parts washer, but this model is the different one. I finished this tank up with improved upon a couple of things recently, so it is perfect opportunity to test cleaning power.

These cases are the dirtiest parts, so I have to get them be soaking in the bottom of the tank before I start scrubbing anything else. During the time of big parts soaking, I am scrubbing up some of these smaller parts. I have added a flow-through brush at the end of the line. Just turn the pump on and we have got the warm fluid flowing through the brush, as the water is heated. This water brush should work awesome.

Once you have done this, you are impressed with this stuff, looking amazing and all that dirt and grime are completely gone.

best parts washer for engine parts

The magic produced out of this parts washer tank only cost me under 200 dollars. If you do any sort of parts cleaning, you should definitely get one of parts washer tank like mine. They are super nice and one of my favorite things is having my hands at a warm tank during the cold winter months. It is freaking sweet so just do some online research and find out more of how to make your own heated tank steps by steps.

Well, I’ve got all these parts cleaned up. You can see using past washer tank can be a quick and easy way to clean the different size of engine parts, especially the dirtiest ones. The big water tank with heated function can give the thorough soaking of those big and dirty parts, but at the same time, you can also work on those smaller parts brushing. Parts tank washer is really great washing tool to bring much convenience on the cleaning of engine parts or any other industrial parts.

Where to buy Parts Washer

To get the best parts washer, I think one of the best places to buy is the online store, e.g, where you can read many objective reviews from previous customers. Therefore, you can always buy with confidence. Just try to communicate with sellers before placing the order, so that you can figure out what the best features can complete your cleaning needs.

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