How to Succeed on a Church Staff Handout

How do you work with your church staff and boards to get what you need to operate the best children’s ministry? One of the greatest gifts you can give children, families, and volunteers is to learn the skills needed to get the resources you need for ministry. In this workshop, you’ll uncover the need for conflict, how to communicate so others hear, and how to lead up to your senior leader.

Download the handout here.

Double Your Volunteers Presentation

Check out the Prezi I used for this weekend’s presentation "Double Your Volunteers."

Double Your Volunteers Handout

Hey everyone! 

Find out the five most effective, bang-for-your-buck methods of recruiting new volunteers! These are foundational, simple (but not always easy) ways you can position yourself and your entire ministry for success in leading volunteers. You’ll step beyond easy gimmicks that produce temporary results to find out how to double your number of volunteers in 12 months!

Here is the link to the handout for "Double Your Volunteers" on Saturday, September 27 at 10:30am in Union C.

Christmas Opportunity

My radar landed on some awesome kids who attend Cornerstone. Can you help me deliver some presents under their tree? They have decided to forgo Christmas presents this year in order to make sure their mom got some new dishes and a new knife (she had just one).

The kids (girl, age 13, two boys ages 11 and 10) are being raised by a single mom. They literally have next to nothing. They have a roof over their heads and some basics. When our Cornerstone kidmin volunteer texted the older girl what she wanted for Christmas, her response was:

“The thing I really want for Christmas is to help someone that doesn’t have very much. I don’t really have as much as other people but I have what really matters. a home, food, love, and my health. That is like the Third thing I want because I know it will take a while. The Second thing is a hat like a beanie kind a ravens or raiders and the First thing I want is to get my mom something really big to tell her how much I love her. She always helps us and cooks for us and does everything for us. I want to do something for her. That’s [what] I want for Christmas.”

So, many church people stepped up and went all-out for mom: with dishes, silverware, etc. Another person jumped in and supplied the beanies the kids wanted.

But, I’m not okay with leaving it at just that. One of the boys came to school in flip flops on this super cold morning!! Would you help me find some cool presents and bring them to church this Christmas Eve? (Sunday or Monday) I’ll be sure they get delivered.

Here’s what would be on their LIST:

Girl, age 13 - She is in 8th grade and loves the Raiders, She likes to read, journal, and draw, and she always wears a beanie. She likes little backpacks. She loves to take pictures…but not to be in them (figures :-) I don’t think she has a camera. Shoes: same kind as her 11 year old brother (below). - Size 7 1/2

Boy, age 11 - He is in 6th grade. He likes the Raiders. He is really big, and only ever wears shorts and T-shirts, those fit best. He loves to run around and play with any kind of balls. Football and basketball are his favorites. He likes mini-golfing, but has only been once. Shoes: Michael Jordan Sons of Mars (just take a look, you’ll see what their “style” is :-) Size 10

Boy, age 10 - He is in 5th grade. He likes girls! hahaha Okay, he’s the die hard 49er fan in the family. He’s very thin and always wears hoodie zip-up sweatshirts. His clothes are very important to him. He also wears beanies and loves to play with anything outside. He would love grey or black Vans shoes, size 6!

If you would like to help deliver a great Christmas, show them Jesus’ love, and surprise them with some things that are just for them… please let me know (leave me a comment under the Facebook post) and deliver them (wrapped if possible) to the Children’s Ministry Desk at Cornerstone on Sunday, December 23 . We’ll not be able to accept presents after 3pm that afternoon.

If you have any questions, leave that on the Facebook post as well. Thanks for being a great group of friends!

Developing Spiritual Disciplines in Kids

Join my wife Kristina and I for this great three-week class. In the class workshop, we’ll discover and explore practices and strategies that help our children know and love God. We’ll share our own experiences and give practical tips on how to cultivate spiritual growth in your kids.

The workshop offers free childcare and is designed to help those of us who (grand)parent kids under 18. If the childcare option is no longer available, invest that $25 for a baby sitter. You’ll thank me later!

Here’s the link to register online: Cornerstone Classes

In the meantime, you can order, read and invest time before the class these excellent resources, many concepts from which we’ll cover in the class -

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community (The Orange Series)

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids

The Legacy Path: Discover Intentional Spiritual Parenting

Another great resource is Boundaries with Kids: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Children . A must-read for those of you with children who could use some boundaries and discipline!

Man, I love this girl. She’s almost 13 but in my eyes we’re both still this age.  (at Cornerstone Walnut Creek)

Man, I love this girl. She’s almost 13 but in my eyes we’re both still this age. (at Cornerstone Walnut Creek)

Daoud Nassar is coming to Cornerstone this Saturday after the service (7:15 in the Chapel). Hear this amazing Christ follower with a great story of loving everyone… regardless.

Daoud Nassar is coming to Cornerstone this Saturday after the service (7:15 in the Chapel). Hear this amazing Christ follower with a great story of loving everyone… regardless.