How to Succeed on a Church Staff Handout

How do you work with your church staff and boards to get what you need to operate the best children’s ministry? One of the greatest gifts you can give children, families, and volunteers is to learn the skills needed to get the resources you need for ministry. In this workshop, you’ll uncover the need for conflict, how to communicate so others hear, and how to lead up to your senior leader.

Download the handout here.

Double Your Volunteers Handout

Hey everyone!

Find out the five most effective, bang-for-your-buck methods of recruiting new volunteers! These are foundational, simple (but not always easy) ways you can position yourself and your entire ministry for success in leading volunteers. You’ll step beyond easy gimmicks that produce temporary results to find out how to double your number of volunteers in 12 months!

Here is the link to the handout for “Double Your Volunteers” on Saturday, September 27 at 10:30am in Union C.